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An Introduction to Breast Lifts – How They Work And What They Can do For Your Confidence

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to give women more confidence and help them to regain their youthful looks – and perhaps surpass them!

Breast lifts are therefore becoming increasingly popular among a number of groups of women but have found a particularly suitable audience among women who have recently given birth.

After pregnancy, it is common for the breasts to appear sagging as a result of having been engorged with milk. This makes the breast heavier and larger and can stretch the tendons and skin that hold the breasts in place. After the woman has given birth, her cup size returns to normal but the positioning of the breasts might not!

Lifted Breasts in a Revealing Shirt

Fortunately, a breast lift can solve this particular problem and give women back the perky and toned physique that they used to enjoy.

So how does it work? And is it a good option for you?

How Breast Lifts Work

The term ‘breast lift’ is often used incorrectly to describe breast augmentations. The two may occur at the same time but in fact, they are completely different procedures with different end goals. Technically, a breast lift is called a ‘mastoplexy’.

Specifically, a breast lift is designed to raise the breasts and combat sagging, whereas a breast augmentation focusses more on the size. A breast lift may also involve contouring and reshaping, and in some cases, this can create the illusion of extra size.

So how exactly is this accomplished?

Usually, a breast lift will involve raising the nipple and areola to a higher position on the breast and removing excess skin from the lower portion of it, suturing the skin into place. During the healing process, the skin will tighten and this will help the breast to sit naturally higher with a more attractive shape.

Breasts in Tank Top Before and After Breast Lift

In some cases, a breast lift will be carried out alongside augmentation. Here, a pocket is first created under the breast tissue, or behind the wall of the chest muscle. An implant will then be inserted into that new cavity and the skin will be removed in a similar manner.

A key difference here, though, is that the surgeon will often leave more skin intact in order to leave space for the enlarged breast.

The Benefits of a Breast Lift

While there is some recovery time and some risk associated with a breast lift, there are also plenty of great benefits.

For starters, a breast lift will help you to feel and look instantly younger. Sagging breasts are a common sign of aging in women and by lifting them back up you can turn back the clock and enjoy the nubile body of your younger years.

And this really is the appeal of the breast lift for many women and it’s what makes it such an ideal choice for a Mommy Makeover.

Unlike a breast augmentation – which is artificially increasing the size of your breasts – a breast lift is about undoing the damage caused by time and physical trauma (wonderful though a baby is, you can’t say they went easy on your body!). Psychologically, this makes a huge difference. While surgery can leave you feeling less like yourself, a breast lift should help you to feel more like yourself.

Lifted Breasts in a Sports Shirt

And this can have positive changes in every aspect of your life.

You’ll look better in clothes – especially low cut tops – as well as out of them. This gives you more confidence to dress sexy and can help to improve your sex life as well. When you walk with confidence, it changes the way that everyone sees you and it changes the way that you feel. Confidence attracts success and feeling good about yourself can help in your relationships but also in your career.

What’s more, is that this process is relatively non-invasive. There are no foreign materials being permanently inserted and rather, there is just a small amount of surgery designed to move things around a little. It’s all still you, just put back in the right place!

Breast Lift Recovery Time And Side Effects

A breast lift is a relatively unpainful and non-invasive procedure. It can cause discomfort, selling and bruising but this will usually only last for the first three weeks. Your surgeon should provide you with pain medication to help you deal with this period of discomfort. Patients may also feel drowsy and tired for a few days following the process.

However, you should be able to return to usual activity within 48 hours and will find that all pain and swelling subsides after a few weeks. Do not attempt to rush recovery. Give yourself a week off work and see your doctor if the swelling doesn’t go down or if you see any signs of infection.

Scars After Breast Lift

When you are sent home, you will normally be given a surgical bra and bandages. These will be removed after the first few days. You might also need to drain some fluid for the first few days. You might also encounter crusting, which is a normal side effect.

At first, you will find that the scars from a breast lift appear very noticeable. Don’t fear! This is actually very normal and they will fade over time. They will never go away completely but after the first few months, they should fade to become very thin white lines along the undersides of the breasts. It is also possible to get treatments to reduce the appearance of these scars – cortisone creams and silicone sheeting will both help.

Ultimately, it will come down to a personal decision whether you feel that the scars are a fair trade off for perkier, firmer and younger-looking breasts.

Breast Lift Cost And Alternatives

Another consideration to factor in when deciding if a breast lift is right for you is the cost. The cost of breast lifts will vary from place to place but will generally float around the $8,000 mark upward. This will include before and after care though you will also need to consider time taken off of work.

If you are concerned about the process of getting a breast lift, or you can’t foot the bill, then there are some natural alternatives that you may want to try first.

One option is to use the now-infamous taping method described by Kim Kardashian. This is a great trick for lifting your breasts artificially when wearing certain outfits and simply involves adding tape from the shoulders, down to the undersides of the breasts. This will elevate them enough while you’re wearing clothes to get that perfect cat-walk cleavage. Of course, it looks a little odd when you take your top off, however!

Woman Wearing surgical Bra After Procedure

For more long-term solutions, weight loss can help by reducing the weight of the breasts and thereby helping them to sit higher. Another option is to increase the strength of the pectoral muscles and to improve your posture. This will help the body to support the breasts more effectively but it is worth noting that the change is only likely to be subtle.

The point is, if you really want an amazing cleave like Kim’s, then there’s only so much that tape and working out can do for you. In order to see drastic change, a breast lift is the only truly effective option. You can then combine that with the right bra and other techniques to see a real difference.

Who Can Get a Breast Lift?

Generally, a breast lift is safe enough to be carried out on healthy patients at any age. However, it is generally advised that younger women wait for their breasts to develop fully before they go ahead. Many women will actively choose to delay their breast lift procedures until they have given birth but this isn’t necessary.

Following a breast lift, the nipples and milk ducts will be left intact, which ensures that the patient will be able to continue breast feeding. However, if you have any concerns, then you should always discuss them with your breast surgeon prior to going ahead with the procedure.

Breast lifts are well suited to women with more average sized breasts (not too large or small) that have begun to sag and droop. Women with very large heavy breasts may find that the procedure works but that it doesn’t last for as long. Women with smaller breasts will be able to have the procedure but may find that it doesn’t result in as large a change. Women whose nipples are positioned very low and point downward might also wish to have a breast lift.

A Type of Breast Lift With Tape

In some cases, these conditions can be inherited. As mentioned however, this is also commonly a result of pregnancy and this can be worsened with breastfeeding. Sagging breasts are also a normal result of ageing, as gravity takes its toll over the years!

Breast lifts are also quite common for those with asymmetrical breasts. If you have one breast that is significantly different in terms of size, position or texture, then a breast lift can help to make them appear more even. In more extreme cases though, this will require a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation to introduce the symmetry.

Is Breast Lift Right For You?

So is this procedure right for you? That will depend very much on your goals and on your current situation. It is very important in any case though to think hard about your options and to make sure that you have considered all the implications and all of the alternatives.

A good breast surgeon should encourage you to go through a psychological evaluation before you get the procedure, which should satisfy them that you are aware of the consequences and that you are ready for the psychological impact of the process.

Ultimately, there is always going to be some concern and fear when going through a procedure that will make permanent changes to your body and there will always be some element of risk involved with any cosmetic surgery. It’s normal to worry that you might be unhappy with the scars, or that you could get an infection.

Lifted Breasts in a Bra

However, it’s important to recognize that in most cases, a breast lift is a very safe and easy procedure. While some scarring and bruising is unavoidable, it is relatively mild and for many women it will seem like a small price to pay for the amount of extra confidence it gives them.

If you’ve been feeling frumpy and old because everything is starting to ‘hang’ a little more, then this can be the perfect way to give yourself a real lift. You’ll feel and look younger and that will give you more confidence, sexiness and energy. This is a great gift and something that can’t be understated. The question is only whether there are any serious objections that are too much for you personally to overlook. Otherwise, the real question is why not.

Before And After Photos

Still not sure whether a breast lift is right for you? Check out these before and after pictures to get a good idea of exactly what a breast lift will do for you and how it might change your body.

Remember, though: every woman is different, and you might find that your procedure has a somewhat different effect on your body. Again, this is something to discuss with your surgeon, before getting the procedure!

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